Confalonieri was founded in 1947 in Milan, as a company specialized in the production of printing inks.
Along the '60s the focus of the production changes to the decorative papers for laminates and for the rising market of finished panels.
A leading player from the early beginning of the decorative laminate industry, Confalonieri aims to present itself as a highly proactive partner, ever committed to monitor and interpret the new stylistic trends.
Taken over by the year 2003, the company is now a part of the Valentini Group, a 100% Italian industrial frame, whose five companies cover the whole furniture chain.
Confalonieri devotes all its creative and technological resources to the continuous updating of its collection of designs and products. Today an odd 900 sets of printing cylinders are available, an heritage whose specific know-how and originality meet perfectly with the most contemporary trends.
Flows of cultural and visual influences merge within Confalonieri products to capture the components of each new style and transform them into a unique interpretation and real proposals. The variety of the range, the quality of the products and the management efficiency make of Confalonieri an ideal partner to work with for the major companies in this line of business. Long-term partnerships with some of the leading players in the design and furnishing environment emphasize the fondness of Confalonieri for a truly creative dialogue as a mean of evolution and growth, a way to enrich everybody’s life through the encounter of different experiences and needs.

From concept to the project:
a closer look to the life into
Confalonieri's departments

From concept to the project:
a closer look to the life into
Confalonieri's departments



Lab is the center for the inspiration and creation of new designs. The resident team of designers continuously search for ideas and trends, interacting with customers, exploring the Italian and the international markets. A comprehensive lookout to the world that translates into original interpretations and innovative design proposals.


The new showroom stands at the heart of Confalonieri premises as the favorite place of interaction between the company and the customers.
The results of a continuous stylistic research and production processes updating are shared with the public in this exclusive meeting point.

Sampling Unit

The sampling unit is equipped with two printing machines in 78 cm width and two GMS system plants using cylinders in industrial size. It ensures accurate samplings and color-matchings, offering the customer the highest quality of the reproduction associated with a timely execution.

Quality Control

The mission of QC department is to constantly meet with the customers’ needs and to select the soundest suppliers for keeping Confalonieri up to the pace with developments in this line of business. State of the art equipment and strictly enforced quality procedures assure to the customers the respect of the highest standards of production.

Digital Printing Department

Born as a mean to offer quick responses to the highly-demanding customers, this department is nowadays an innovative service capable of meeting any specific need of the industry. The expertise matured allows Confalonieri to be fully updated in the new technology of digital printing. The equipment consists of several digital printers for sampling and small productions of industrial papers.


  • 7 printing machines
  • Annual production capacity: 18,000 tons
  • Maximum printing width: 2,700 mm
  • Laboratory machines: 2
  • Additional machinery for colour-matching: 8


  • 4 lines of impregnation
  • Annual production capacity: 100 million sqm.
  • Maximum width: 2,700 mm
  • 1 additional line for impregnation of max 800 mm width sampling baby rolls
Detail of a printing machine in operation
Color-matching in progress at the Digital Printing Department
The access to the Digital Printing Department and the printing cylinders’ storage facilities in background
Research and development department
The production process is under the control of our skilled personnel
Confalonieri Showroom